Snack Time!

Yesterday, Krystal worked here at our home, as she does a couple days each week.  Usually, she’s in her jammies (if anything at all, depending on the temperature), but this time, she was dressed REALLY HOT as she had a meeting with her boss first thing that morning.  She had her hair up high in a sophisticated twist, a couple teasing twirls framing her perfectly made-up face, and her stylish black glasses perfectly bridging them.  She wore a classy, crisp white blouse that looked tailor-made for her ample bust, and an ankle-length soft, flowing black skirt that perfectly outlined her long sexy legs.  To perfectly complete her look, she wore black strappy heels, pearl earrings, and a waist-length silver and pearl dangly necklace.  She EXUDED sex-appeal and was totally every guy’s fantasy librarian!  WOW!

Our office counters were still cluttered with items from our current home project, so this forced Krystal to work downstairs on our kitchen table.  This allowed me to go about my daily chores, all the while being able to constantly drink her beauty in with my eyes!

When she was about done with her work, and my odd jobs were finished, I began making dinner for us.  It was difficult to fully concentrate on my culinary tasks with her right there adjacent to the kitchen!  As I breaded the chicken, boiled the pasta, and seasoned the marinara sauce, I used her proximity to offer samples along the way — of course to get her approval but also for more excuses to get a closer view, if only for brief moments here and there.

About 20 minutes and a glass of wine later, I gave her a two-minute notice as I plated our food and she wrapped up her final task.  We enjoyed our meals, and watched an episode of Shameless and laughed together at the silly, sexy comedy.  During all this, Krystal thanked me for cooking with soft, deep kisses.  Mmmmmm, that’s all it took to really get my engine revving — I was soooo ready!

After we ate, I cleaned the table, did the dishes, and started our dessert as Krystal put her things away and got into something more comfortable — she had changed into her jammies, a snug, soft black tank top and her super comfy fleece shorts.  She still looked sexy as ever.

While the cinnamon rolls were baking, we snuggled on the couch and watched a bit more TV.  We held each other close, periodically kissed, and, as she always does, she was rubbing me all over with her right hand…softly…slowly.  She went from my chest to my legs, and my belly — back and forth, up and down.  Her touch was driving me WILD with desire and Jay Jr. (JJ as she calls him) was definitely twitching!  She moved to my crotch and noticed how JJ had responded to her touch by thickening.  That’s all it took, and she pulled him from the loose opening of my jammies and held him softly.


JJ hardened almost immediately as she started rubbing.  It was incredible, the feelings and sensations she stirred within me!  After a few minutes of this — snuggling, kissing, stroking — she could tell by the way I was arching my back and moaning that I was SO ready for more!


She slid to the floor, moving between my legs.  With one smooth motion, she lowered my bottoms and took my entire cock in her mouth with one amazing gulp!  Using her hands and mouth, she started to rhythmically stroke and suck me faster and faster.  I was fully hard and throbbing at this point, and had she kept at it, I probably would have came, it felt that good!


Just then, the timer on the oven went off, and briefly interrupted our fun.  We both got up, me with a fully-out, fully-rigid, bouncing JJ, and went to the kitchen to tend to our snack.  We worked together to speed things along, me getting the plates and Krystal spreading the icing on the warm rolls.  When she had finished, there was a bit of topping left on both the knife and also in the little container.  We both had the same idea at the same time and quickly shared a devilish look and smile, and before I could utter a single word, she had already taken the butter knife and smeared the rest of the icing all over JJ’s head!  We both laughed at that, cleaned up the area, wrapped the rolls in foil to keep them warm, and returned to the couch.  No way we were going to stop and eat now!
(If we weren’t afraid of them burning to a crisp, we wouldn’t have stopped in the first place!)

Krystal immediately devoured the sweet addition to my appendage and brought it back to rock-hard life in no time!  After just a couple minutes of her blissful tongue, I was once again sugar free, and she again took JJ deep into her wet and oh-so-talented mouth.  I had to have her…she was making me feel SO WONDERFUL and I wanted to return even a fraction of this pleasure, if I could.


I got up and gently pushed her backwards, slid off her shorts, and got on top of her.  We looked intently into each other’s eyes, and she held my shoulders as JJ found his mate.  Slowly, her lips parted, and my hardness slipped in with no help from either of us.  I continued pushing, and could feel her wetness consume me, until I was all the way in.  We stayed right there, motionless, for a long moment — savoring the feeling and passion that overcame us.  Then, I withdrew and entered again.  Over and over, slowly at first, then faster and faster.  Between deep, sensuous kisses, I suckled on her perfect breasts, teasing both of her nipples until they showed complete arousal.  Soon, she had her knees up by her chest, and I was thrusting as deep and as fast as I could.  We were both moaning and sharing how wonderful this felt.


Not long after it all began, I felt that familiar tightening and tingling sensation within, and knew I was approaching the point-of-no-return.  I shared that with Krystal, and saw the serious, heartfelt, and passion-filled look on her face as she encouraged me to the finish line.  “Yes, come for me, yes,” she moaned as I thrust one last time.  I held my cock deep within her as the first wave hit me.  As I felt my loins pulse, I moved again, in rhythm to my orgasm, plunging in and out as my cum left my body and filled hers.  Over and over, I could feel the spasms — they consumed me — all the while, our eyes locked, and we shared the passion of that incredibly awesome moment.


Once the blissful feeling subsided, I slowly collapsed, resting almost my full weight on top of her, both still clutching each other tightly.  All was quiet now, except for our breathing and our heartbeats, and the TV in the distance.  We lay there for several moments before moving or speaking, enjoying the afterglow from what we had just shared.  This was one of my more intense orgasms, and I was REALLY mushy, barely being able to move at all!  I could have easily fallen asleep right then and there in her arms.  But, we had SNACKS waiting for us!

After regaining some muscle control, we got up, put our few clothes back on, and while Krystal fixed her hair and make-up, I warmed up the cinnamon rolls, put several on a plate and returned to her on the couch.



8 thoughts on “Snack Time!”

    1. If that’s the case, better hold on tight because I’m just getting started – there will be more stories coming like this one!
      FYI, I’ve been the total ‘house hubby’ for years now – I love to cook and clean…even laundry and windows! 😘

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