19 thoughts on “By Dawn’s Early Light…”

  1. LOVE when you flip me over!
    That moment you grab my leg to get my body rolling, that’s when I know you mean “business.” Electricity runs through me like wildfire and I hang on for the ride! MMMMMmmmmm ❤

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  2. I actually find this photo really creepy because it reminds me of the movie Paranormal Activity! I keep expecting Krystal to flip over and have a scary ghost face. Then again – ’tis the season! ><

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    1. We skipped that movie (neither of us are into that type of movie genre), but trust me, definitely NO scary ghost face!

      During another HOT session today, I actually took the ‘flip side’ pic of this one, with Krystal on her back, neck straining into a sexy arch, and hands over her head clutching the sheets…if/when I ever post this one, you’ll only see slivers of a face in ecstasy, on the verge of climax!

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