Cucumber and Melons

Krystal gave me another ‘HANDI’ wake-up call this morning, and when I sauntered into the potty afterward, the label on the hand soap struck me just so…see if you can figure out where I’m going with this!





A Dollars-to-Donuts Bet!

I gave Krystal her morning kiss and asked her if she’d like some coffee this morning, and her lips lingered…then her hands pulled me in closer, and moved down to my ‘long john.’

Without speaking, she essentially said, “I’ll see your coffee, and raise you a HANDIE!”




I am Krystal’s partner-in-crime. I’m usually behind the scenes, acting as her personal paparazzi, to capture her sexy life! Now, I'm joining her in front of the lens to indulge our amazing passion-filled sex life, and everything else we find hot and erotic.


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