30 thoughts on “Bloodletting”

    1. Thanks so much Molly!
      Krystal and I have period sex EVERY month, but never, never, EVER thought about taking a picture of it, much less sharing with anyone else. This morning, being Sunday, as I withdrew and saw the slimy, crimson yet wonderful mess, the ‘sinful’ notion hit me to grab my phone off the nightstand. Just goes to show that even in the wake of an awesome, sloppy orgasm, your site inspires! 😍

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  1. For a bit of insider info…. We enjoy period sex very much, but times like this are extra special because they are UNEXPECTED. When we realize DURING our session that it has BECOME period sex, we lovingly call it “popping my cork!!” Great Job, Mr. Minx ❤

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  2. Oh! At first I thought this was a blood play photo and was thinking, “Ouch!” Now I’m thinking “HELL YEAH!” instead. I also love period sex and have my most intense orgasms during it; don’t know why it seems to freak out so many dudes. Mr. Minx, thank you for posting this beauty of a picture.

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    1. Thanks Jo! Never had an issue with the ‘extra’ bodily fluids, and they definitely add an extra lube-like slipperiness to the mix. Like many other women, Krystal’s orgasms during this time seem to alleviate some soreness and cramping for her, so that’s a great side benny too!


      1. It’s not a squeamish thing for me. I can’t bear even bear someone close enough to hug me during my period so not a chance of anything more intimate.


  3. This image is my favourite this week for so many reasons – first of all, it is fantastically taken. Second of all, I applaud you for sharing such a powerful image, It riles me when people are disgusted for such a natural thing. It is something 10 years on I am trying to overcome with my OH. But, we have made progress and we are slowly getting there.

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    1. Thanks so much LSB! Krystal and I simply adore each other and, as she said above, when the mood strikes us for intimacy, there’s no holding back. Neither of us are bothered by this completely natural event, so we just go with the ‘flow!’ 😍

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      1. LOL xD Funny man 🙂 We are similar, we usually give in to temptation but then he feels ick afterwards and his reaction made me feel like I was diseased so it was a vicious circle but we have since talked about and we have comprised.

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