Letter “C” Rejects

Krystal and I had SO MANY ideas for this month’s prompt…here are a select few that we tried, but ultimately decided against…

C is for Cuddling

I absolutely LOVE when Krystal spoons me from behind…this was actually our number one choice…that is, until we had some HOT New Year’s Eve sex, and the morning light highlighted Krystal’s body so perfectly!

C is for Cuppage

I also love when Krystal CUPS my jiggly bits so perfectly!  WOW!

Mr Minx LOVES Krystal’s Curves!

What’s not to like about Krystal’s sexy Curves?!?

C is for ‘CIRCLE’ – LMAO Happy New Year!

Krystal hated this one, but my sense of humor compelled me to add it to this reject list…couldn’t resist the Circle that JJ provided!  LOL



5 thoughts on “Letter “C” Rejects”

  1. I truly love ALL of these pics, even when JJ hides from the camera – and that is because I know exactly how to make him re-appear – LOL.
    I must say that CURVES is my favorite because you make me love and appreciate mine. Also, I can’t stop thinking about your hands on me this morning…. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.!!!!!!!

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    1. I love them all too, which is why they were all close runners-up, but also value your advice and sage guidance in choosing the best shot. I love touching your body (and can never get enough!), and when I saw your curvaceous side shimmering in the morning light as I caressed it, I had to capture just a bit on video. So glad to be able to share it with all our followers, who I’m sure appreciate you too! 😍

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    1. Thanks! This was a last-minute addition, totally impromptu, and brought out my sense of humor as well…it was an unusually cold day, JJ was ‘retreating,’ and I couldn’t resist his puckered little ‘circle!’ LOL

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