C is for COITUS

Happy New Year to all my Sunday Sinners and followers!

C is for Coitus

If you’re interested in other secondary ideas we had for this month’s LETTER C prompt, there are a few HERE from the cutting room floor! 💙


34 thoughts on “C is for COITUS”

    1. Thanks for noticing (and commenting)! We almost cropped that out, but I too thought it added an extra sexy element to the entire scene!
      P.S. Krystal is V.E.R.Y. vocal during sex, and not quiet by any means, which is very hot and really gets me going! I thought her open mouth in this pic captured a bit of that excitement that I’m fortunate enough to live every single day!

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  1. Oh this is fucking hot. I love the position she is in and our view point which is essentially yours and the way her feet are resting on you, there is something very intimate about that


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