The Void I Leave

For awhile, my schedule has been so erratic that I’ve been heading to bed as the sun rose, and arising almost as it set, kind of how vampires do.  This was based on some unusual circumstances to complete some long-standing projects.  To try and correct this, I’ve been forcing myself to bed earlier and earlier, and in concert, pulling myself out of bed closer and closer to sunrise.

This has resulted in me arising before Krystal the past couple of days, which not only cuts into our morning snugglefuck time, but makes it SO DAMN DIFFICULT TO LEAVE HER.  Take a look at these pics that I snapped only this morning, and you’ll see why!

My love ALWAYS sleeps naked, and is extra warm and radiant in the morning!  When I peel back the covers to slide out, I can’t help but pause to admire her soft, curvy form!

Krystal is a light sleeper, and always responds to my movements.  When I exit, she always reaches out to me for that one last touch…

After one more round of hugs and kisses, I go start our coffee and something yummy to accompany it.  This morning, I made fresh baked biscuits with butter and honey — by the time they were done, we were together once again.

Fortunately, the void I leave is temporary and short lived.  😍


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