She’s A Keeper!

Krystal and I tend to each other almost like it’s a competition, except that we do it out of love and desire – we are both givers, and each of us prefers to fawn over the other instead of receiving.  Early on, this took some getting used to – we actually pushed and shoved (playfully, of course) to see who would get to do dishes or make dinner, or do other odd chores.

Each of our former spouses were 100% receivers, so for decades we both were givers nearly all of the time, and didn’t really have an option to receive.  After many years together, Krystal and I have each learned to receive a little better, and also figured out how to take turns being the giver and receiver.  This was definitely not easy, as it countered how each of us are wired.

Tonight, she noticed me relaxing on our couch and as she passed me on the way to the kitchen for our late night snack, she stopped for a couple soft kisses as she always does.  I really love how affectionate she is!  Following some kisses, she noticed JJ responding and wanted to give him a little love too.  For this, she took the long way, up from the bottom of my soft stretchy bottoms!

I am glad to see you, but that’s KRYSTAL in my pants!

Her touch drives me WILD, so of course this led to more!  As JJ stood up and saluted, Krystal settled in, released him from his now tightening restraints, and applied her magic touch!


Soon, JJ was as hard as Chinese arithmetic, and when she saw me fully reclined with my head thrown back, she dropped to her knees with a solid agenda.  Clearly, this was her turn to be in her default 100% giver mode, and me learning to receive!  WOW!


Getting warm, Krystal unbuttoned her top and increased her ministrations.  The amazing combination of her soft lips and tongue on my most sensitive areas, her well-sculpted nails digging in just right, and now catching glimpses of her soft pendulous breasts really ramped me up and pushed me over the edge!  As I pulsed, she slowed, but continued until the last wave faded, her lips never breaking contact with me.

She remained still for a few moments, savoring that quiet blissful moment, and then slowly slid off of me.  Seeing my eyes closed and my body motionless, she covered me with a light blanket and continued on to the kitchen.

An unknown amount of time later, I regained my senses from my mini sex coma, and smell fresh coffee brewing.  Then, she brings me this!


I am head over heels in love.  Each and every moment, of each and every day.  Krystal is the BEST THING that ever happened to me, and is definitely a keeper!


4 thoughts on “She’s A Keeper!”

    1. Having ‘two givers’ is definitely awesome, and something we’re still getting used to!

      Krystal is totally HOT, a total knockout who is very sexual and up for anything/everything…like I’m living a dream! 😍

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  1. Mr M- good to see you blogging about your adventures with your sexy Minx… really loving the blend of delicious photos and alluring words, it makes the perfect erotic elixir!!!

    Keep it up my friend… 😎

    -Mr TW

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks TW – your kind words mean a lot! Although Krystal has been blogging for a number of years, I recently wondered if there was a way to ‘enhance’ some of her posts with a slightly different perspective, and that’s how mine came to be. We really appreciate your feedback, and will keep trying to provide the sexiest posts that we can!

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