I Work Naked Too

Can Someone Hold This For Me?


38 thoughts on “I Work Naked Too”

    1. It’s always HARD (even ‘difficult’ at times), yet always rewarding! ❀

      (FYI, in full disclosure, it was COLD in the attic, and I was nowhere close to being erect…just looks like it from the (d)angle of the pic!)

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    1. It WAS quite hazardous, and truth be told, I wasn’t naked the entire time, but near the end when I got overheated — I stripped and dropped my duds down to Krystal as I was finishing, which likely cued her to grab the camera! (She deserves all the credit for this snap of me!) Glad we could make you chuckle too!

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    1. Krystal’s quick thinking (and actions) are to thank…I’m the beauty and she’s the brains of this outfit…or maybe the other way around? Definitely the other way! But she has awesome brains too, the whole package. Ah, no matter…we share everything (and everybody)! 😍


    1. I think I avoided most of that! That’s one of the reasons I WAS naked, as when I was nearly done working, I dropped my clothes down so Krystal could toss them directly into the wash. That way, I wouldn’t traipse the insulation bits through our home on the way to my shower!

      The other reasons I was naked, of course, was that (1) it was HOT up there, and (2) Krystal likes me that way! 😍


    1. Thanks so much for that feedback…I typically don’t get to view it from quite that angle myself! 😘

      Was definitely a fun shot to do, and allowed Krystal to be my paparazzi for a change! πŸ™‚


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